Pump and Filter Technology 

Innovative pump and filter technology the exacting demands of the modern mechanical and systems engineering cannot be realized any longer.
We make processes involving liquid media both more reliable and economical.

NEW:  The safe to run dry pump – a revolutionary innovation in magnetically coupled centrifugal pump technology.


Magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps RM

Magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps by RENNER are mainly used for industrial applications. Motors and pumps are mechanically separated. Therefore the conventional sealing of the drive shaft is no longer necessary, which helps to avoid leakage and corrosion problems.


The RENNER Module System allows the specific combination of different types of pumps, according to your application. Our pumps are made of extremely resistant materials. The functional design facilitates installation and maintenance of the pumps and guarantees their long life.


Aggressive, inflammable, smelling, explosive, precious or highly pure fluids used in chemical, biochemical or electroplating industries, in laboratories or medical appliances - no matter what fluid you want to deliver, RENNER has the right pump to do the job.

  • No slide bearing
  • No magnetical axial-thrust equalizer required.
  • No pin-point contact system
  • Extremely high resistance to chemicals
  • Upon request, the new system can be always retrofitted to present pumps of the RM-type to make them absolutely safte to run dry.
  • Trouble-free operation of the pump even at high speeds.
  • Increase in efficiency because of an extremely small coefficient of friction.

Its advantage over sleeve bearing systems: 

  • The coefficient of friction of this type of bearing that has been used for the first time with magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps, is so low that only a minimum of heat is generated. Therefore, the bearing does not require any cooling or liquid lubrication.

    (Note: This bearing of the RENNER RM-TS pump for which a patent is filed, assures that the temperature rises to a maximum of just 5°C above the ambient temperature when the pump runs dry.)