Barrel Pumps & Transfer Pumps

New: VISCOFLUX lite – now available as an Ex version

VISCOFLUX lite, the drum emptying system for higher-viscosity media which are just capable of flowing, is now available as an Ex version. It is now also suitable for use in explosion hazard areas of zone 1 and for pumping the most varied flammable media (zone 0/1). For example, it is suitable for supplying machinery and plants with lubricating greases in zone 1. Alternatively, it can be used for pumping zone 0/1 flammable media, such as various base materials for paints and lacquer manufacturing, industrial and specialty chemicals, various resins as well as numerous coatings and fillers. The system pumps gently and almost without pulsation. It empties drums nearly completely, leaving up to less than 1 % residue.

Individual components in conductive materials

In the new Ex version, the individual components are made from conductive material and have connections for earthing wire. The system is quick to install, requires little space and due to its low build can also be used in working spaces with low ceilings. 

Always the right pump for every application." This statement has a special meaning for us. Back in 1950 we were the first German company to manufacture barrel pumps according to our own designs and patents. Continually increasing customer demands stimulate us in our policy of ongoing development of new, high quality pumps.

Flux Product Shot